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Gary J. Bergenske A Proven Leader, Positive Attitude, Persistent Worker, Author, Passionate Speaker.

 “A man’s reputation is the opinion others have of him, His character is who he really is.”

Gary Bergenske is a successful businessman, an author, and a motivational speaker who leads by inspiring others.  In addition he finds ways to carve out time to volunteer to help others through his charitable work.  He eventually served one of the world’s greatest philanthropy’s, Shriners Hospitals for Children as its CEO for a one-year volunteer term.  His work has directly impacted and improved the lives of many children and their families around the world.  He also leads by example the many members of these volunteer organizations he belongs to by promoting Teamwork with a positive attitude. 


Bergenske grew up in a small town and Wisconsin.  During his teenage years his family moved to Florida. In the mid 1980’s as a young man with a growing family and a business he had purchased, there was no time for anything other than family and work.  He was in his early 30’s, it took his full attention to grow his business and to support his family.  Although there was a lot of pressure building a company, they were wonderful years.  Having young children in the home keeps you involved and happy.


Several years later as the business began to run smoother and the children were older, Bergenske began to open his eyes and look around outside of his narrowly focused life.  When he purchased the business, his family had moved to a new city, and they arrived with no friends, and no social life.  It was time to make some friends and reach out to others, after all this should promote a comfort in life and also help their business.  So, he began to think in a different way, how do I enrich my life by being a part of something much bigger than myself?


In 1994 while attending a community parade with the family, he witnessed this group of men in the parade who appeared to be having the time of their life.  They each were having a great time and were surrounded by others who all seemed to be their friends.  Oh, what fun they were having.  He thought to himself, wouldn’t it be great to have friends and good times like that?  Come to find out, they were the Shriners, he knew nothing about them.  Bergenske did some investigating and found out a friend of the family actually belonged to the Shriners.  After discussions with him, he soon had him in the Masonic Lodge to become a Mason and eventually a member of the Bahia Shriners in Orlando, Florida.  Little did he know his life and the lives of his family would be changed forever.


Bergenske and his wife jumped right in, there were picnics, parades, parties, dances, specialized clubs, and formal events.  All of these activities introduced him and his wife to new people.  They were meeting people faster than the mind could keep track of the names.  Then they learned there was another part to all of this, the Shriners have the world’s greatest Philanthropy, Shriners Hospitals for Children.  Suddenly the idea of making more friends was enhanced as these new friends were part of a healthcare system that changed children’s lives through the expert pediatric care their hospitals provided.  Again, his life was changed, he truly had become a part of something much bigger than himself.


His passion to become a bigger part of this was overwhelming him.  He soon was a part of the leadership team of Bahia Shriners in Orlando.  He proudly served as the chapters Illustrious Potentate (President) in 2005.  This was an honor he could have never imagined in his life just a few short years ago.  His circle of true friends had expanded throughout the entire community and his business was flourishing.


After completing the year as the Illustrious Potentate, he was still yearning for more.  Bergenske and his wife, Anne,  began traveling the country campaigning for an international position with the Shriners.  If successful they would embark on an eleven-year journey.  In 2006 they were not successful, however in 2007, in Anaheim, CA, Gary Bergenske was elected to the bottom of the progressive line that would place him in the top position of the Shriners fraternity and philanthropy in ten years.  How exciting!  This position comes with an extraordinary amount of responsibility and accountability.  The commitment has to be unquestioned, your life now belongs to the future of the Shriners.  Thank God, the business he had purchased years ago would support his efforts of participating at the highest level of leadership in one of the world’s greatest organizations, as a volunteer, where men are made better and children’s lives are changed and saved.


During this time the requests for Bergenske to do motivational speaking was increasing.  He became a regular speaker for many of the Shriners seminars and conferences as well.  In 2007, his first book, “Campaign for a Better Life” was published and his book sales began.  In 2008 his second book came out, “Campaign to be a Better Leader” with twelve steps on becoming a better leader.  Another book, “Quotes for Leadership Success” came out in 2009. 


As the years passed his circle of friends encompassed people from around the world.  He tells friends, “As a child my world was my back yard, today my back yard is the world.”  To think all of this was happening because he went to a parade and saw some men having a good time with their many friends.  The opportunities and the doors that were opened were countless as he climbed the ladder to the top.  Shriners Hospitals for Children is world renowned for the expert pediatric care they provide regardless of their family’s ability to pay.  The patients, the members, and the people you meet who are familiar with Shriners and their good work is incredible.  A truly amazing reputation.


As a kid, growing up in a small town in Wisconsin, with a family that had little but knew the meaning of love and caring; stepping onto the stage to be installed as the top leader of Shriners worldwide in July of 2017 was unthinkable.   It was a proud moment for the Bergenske family as the  real journey now began for a one-year term.   Bergenske was leading and serving the 240,000 Shrine members, the 6,000 Hospital employees, and the thousands of patients from around the world.  This top position totally takes over your life for a year.  He was only home about 30 days the entire year, Anne was home about 60.


During the year Shriner volunteer Gary Bergenske served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Shriners International and Shriners Hospitals for Children, he kept a daily diary of his every step.  Now you can live this extraordinary year with him as he travels through 19 countries on a mission to improve the lives of children and his fellow members.  The days were filled with working on the Shriners mission of taking care of children regardless of their family’s ability to pay.  The book is due to be out in mid 2019.  Watch for its release.


Business Owner for 34 year
J&J Metro Moving and Storage

Shriners International  2017-18
Former Chairman of the Board

Shriners Hospitals for Children 2017 -18
Former Chairman of the Board

East West Shrine Game
College All Star Game Chairman 3 years

DeMolay, Int’l Supreme Council

DeMolay, Advisory Council of Florida

Founding President, Shriners Int’l Educational Foundation

Founder, Bahia Historical Museum

Motivational Speaker in several countries

Has lead numerous Seminars and Conferences

Has traveled and lead
Humanitarian Efforts
In several countries


Born in Madison, Wisconsin

Lives in Maitland, Florida

Married to supportive wife Anne

6 Children and 12 Grand Children

President/CEO of J&J Metro Moving and Storage

President Recreation Vehicle Storage

President Gary Bergenske Motivations

Has written 5 books


Past Potentate Bahia Shriners 2005
Lifetime member Bahia Shriners

Founder, Bahia Historical Museum

Member Eola Masonic Lodge

Member Scottish Rite, Orlando

Past President College Park Lions

Member Moose Lodge, Orlando

Officer, Quetzalcoatl, Orlando

Member ZOR Shriners, Madison, WI

US Jaycees

“There is nothing like a dream,

A dream can create the future.

If you BELIEVE in it.

A dream can take you anywhere.”

Gary Bergenske

Awards & Recognition

Instituto Nacional
De Medicina Fasica y Rehabilitation
(Rehabilitation Clinic)
Gary Bergenske’s name placed
On a statue in front of building
Panama City, Panama

Scottish Rite
Knight Commander of the Court of Honor

Scottish Rite
33° Inspector General Honorary

DeMolay International
Honorary Legion of Honor

DeMolay International
International Grand Cross

DeMolay International
Honorary Member International Supreme Council

Greater Portage Youth Education Foundation
Hall of Fame recipient

Al Rai’a Saleh, Puerto Rico
Appreciation Recognition
Due to Hurricane Relief Efforts

Shriners Hospital – Springfield
Appreciation Recognition
Due to Reorganization

Key to the City
of Daytona Beach, FL

Shriners Hospital – Greenville
Walt Disney Award

Miembro Honorario
(Honorary Member)
Shriners in Bolivia

Shriners Hospitals for Children
Emeritus Board Member

Order of DeMolay
Member in Canada

Honorary Member
Shriners in Philippines

Honorary Member
Shriners in Panama

Honorary Police Officer
Daytona Beach, FL

Honorary Deputy Sherriff
Several Counties

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