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Gary Bergenske Motivational Speaker

Gary Bergenske is a popular motivational speaker.  He has traveled to places around the world delivering his positive message, inspiring others along the way to find the best in themselves and their organization.  He has helped others to reach the next level through quality programs and training.  As a Past Chairman of the Board of both Shriners International and Shriners Hospitals for Children her understands both the fraternal or volunteer portion as well as the benefits of operating an efficient not for profit organization.  As a successful businessman in the Orlando area he can bring a dynamic message as your keynote speaker as well. 

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Gary can Speak on any of the subjects below, to inform and motivate your group.

1.  Positive Attitude for Life
Only you can control your attitude,
Why not make it a positive one?

2.  Having the Support and Love of Your Family
Building your family love and respect,
Their support can push you to the next level.

3.  Focused Leadership Ability

Qualities of a true leader
20 key points to get you where you want to go

4.  Contagious Energy
Developing enthusiasm and excitement in
Every aspect of your life

5.  Character with Integrity
Build yours and people will look up
To you with admiration

6.  Personal Warmth
How to get people to feel at home and
At ease with you all the time

7.  Charisma
The art of having an appealing
Magical magnetic personality

8.  Possessing a Proven Record
The portrait of a leader you can
Depend on because of his track record

9.  Thinking Outside the Box
Having an open mind and the ability to
Look for unknown solutions is a gift

10.  Working on Your People Skills
Building friendships and relationships
That will last you a lifetime

11.  Motivational Skills
Working on helping others to find
The best within themselves by motivating them

12.  Become a Communicator
Effective communicating is one of the most
Important rolls in building competent leaders

13.  Let Your Passion’s Shine Through
Desire and commitment will put your
Passions to work and change your life

14.  Persistence and Determination
Nothing in the world can take the place of a
Persistent and determined person, nothing.

15.  The Power of Desire
What you lack in talent you can make up with
Desire and hustle if you give it all you have

16.  Power of a Compliment
The art of making others feel good should
Become an easy everyday item on your agenda

17.  Become a Mentor and a Coach
Great leaders will coach others to be their
Personal best by working for excellence

18.  Making your Dreams Become Reality
Free your mind, for all of your dreams can come true,
If you have the courage to chase them.

19.  The Greatest Asset  of All
Do You Know Where to Find It?
Who holds the Key to your greatest asset?

20.  Modernize for a Better Future
Accepting the Changes Around You Leads to Modernizing.
Move into the future with ease and great success

"Make your Dreams Happen"

Always remember,  If you can dream it, It is often possible. As you go through life, You will find that making your dreams come true can be some of the most Rewarding experiences in your life. Many dreams can and do come true If you believe. Go out into the World and “Make your Dreams Happen” It will give you the Greatest feeling.

By: Gary J. Bergenske

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