The Art of Having an Appealing Magnetic Personality

By; Gary J. Bergenske

     Every so often we hear someone say, “He sure has a lot of charisma, with a personality like that he is sure to go to the top.”  What exactly is meant by having charisma?  You can easily spot someone with charisma, they have a certain charm or allure about them.  This quality or trait in their personality sets them apart from other people and helps to make them exemplary leaders.  When you talk to them they can naturally keep your interest as their personal charm has a way of earning the respect and interest of everyone around them.  Charisma means having the ability to inspire and to build enthusiasm by using your personal charm and influence.  It seems that someone with real charisma not only has the wherewithal to inspire and lead, but also has a personal magnetism about them that makes many people want to be around them.  It’s about being a good listener, believing in people, and treating others the way they want to be treated.  It can be as simple as making others feel good about what they are doing, making them feel appreciated.


     Several years ago one of my daughters received an assignment from school.  She was to talk to one of her Grandparents and ask them what they remembered most about one of their parents.  She chooses to talk to one of her grandmothers.  After a few moments of thought, her grandmother answered, “I would have to say it was her charisma.”  She went on to say, “I came from a family of six children.  My mother was the one that motivated and inspired each of us children.  She had this uncanny ability to always make us feel good about ourselves, and that we were doing our best.  Somehow, and I cannot imagine how she did this, but each of us six kids always believed that we were her favorite.  She made everyone of us feel so special about our relationship with her that we gave her our full respect.  She had charisma, and that encouraged each of us kids to constantly improve ourselves.”


     Some believe that having charisma is a divine gift you are born with.  That you either have it or you don’t.  With many I have met, it does seem that they have been divinely bestowed this gift.  I also happen to believe it can be developed by any individual that is serious about improving their character.  Your personality can be controlled by you.  You as an individual can work on building better relationships with others.  If you are in a leadership role, wither as a parent, in your church, a civic group, or at work, having a charismatic personality of any degree will help you to achieve your goals. 


     You might ask where do I start?  It can be as easy as believing in others, and letting them know how much you believe in them.  Always make everyone feel important and needed.  Work on being positive, enthusiastic, and concerned about others.  Soon you too, will be building an aurora of magnetism that will have others looking up to you and enjoying your company more than ever.  So turn on your personal charm and start putting a little charisma in your life.  It will make you and everyone around you feel more inspired and appreciated.  Charisma, it should be a natural, visionary way of life.




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