Character with Integrity

Character with Integrity

By; Gary J. Bergenske

As we go through life, the choices we make and the way we handle the good and the bad we experience, constantly builds our character.  How you as an individual respond to the never ending string of challenges life presents to you will determine if your character is building in the right direction.  Character with integrity should be your goal for a successful, prosperous, and rewarding life.  It has been said that your reputation is what others think of you, and that your character is who you really are.  What you do when you are all by yourself, or what you would do if you could get away with something and no one would ever know, is the true test of ones character.  So how do you build a character that others will look up to?  One that your children, grandmother and mother in law would all be proud of?  Character is not about making everyone like you, its about having everyone respect you and what you stand for.  It’s about making the right moral decisions based on values, ethics, and the highest of professional standards.  It’s in the disciplined day to day habit of doing what is right, even when it is not the easiest or most popular thing to do.  Having character with integrity will lead you to a rich life that will enable you to distinguish from right and wrong based on your prior lifestyle and knowledge. Today’s world is full of people who have allowed their character to become tarnished.  People who have sold themselves short, by dishonesty, unfaithfulness, and by making poor decisions. People who have given up the one thing that should never be able to be taken from them, their good character.  As you go through life practice the 10 laws of building your character.   By practicing these few simple rules others will always look up to you with respect and admiration.  Take the challenge, live the life, and be a person who has Character with Integrity.  It will give you the greatest feeling that can never be taken away from you.


10 Points to Building Your Character

Gary  contends that if you are to build a character that will have others looking up to you for leadership and advice, you must work at it everyday.

To have the character of a true leader it can take years to build, and only moments to destroy.  To build your  Character with Integrity consider making the following 10 points part of your every day life style,  …… for life.

Take the challenge and build your character starting today.

1.     Live with Integrity

2.    Practice Good Ethics

3.     Respect Others

4.     Positive Qualities

5.     Moral Mind

6.     Behave Honorably

7.     Honest to All

8.     Decent Always

9.     Sets an Example

10.   Good Conscience&

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